Natural Pine  $129.00

Nothing beats the beauty of natural wood.  Nature adds a calm to a space like no other and blends with many themes.

Gray Washed Pine  


And who doesn't  love gray?  This color is a terrific "greige" that blends with gray accents while showing off the beautiful wood grain.

Weathered White Pine  $129.00

White wash blends the cleanliness of white and the beauty of natural wood while still allowing your favorite colors to pop in the bedroom.

white shelfie straight.JPG

Satin White Finish


Not sure what color to pick?  White is always a great option.  This durable white, lacquer finish matches most white trim and creates a crisp, clean compliment for your precious photographs.


Custom Glossy Finish


Maybe rustic just isn't your thing.  Maybe you're lost in the mid-century which is definitely a beautiful place to be.  A slick, glossy finish will compliment your clean lines and boomerangs.  Also available in fun colors like orange, turquoise or avocado.  This is custom but that's ok.  So are you.

Faux Teak Finish

Would you like to compliment that incredible dresser that you inherited from you mom?  Or maybe you just love the natural woodgrain and richness from a stain and lacquer finish... You'll just want to run you hand over this silky smooth frame and admire the beauty of your photos.


Weathered Gray Mini Shelfie

Here is the perfect little shelf/picture frame for guest bathrooms!  If you've ever had your clothes slide off of the toilet and onto a wet floor, you'll appreciate this.  It opens up to give you a clean, temporary shelf that folds back up to show off your 8x10 photo. Available in different finishes as well as a landscape layout.

White Phone Shelfie

If you've ever had to set your phone on the floor to charge it or just rest it by your bed, then this is for you!  It folds out to become the perfect little shelf for your phone or possible even a beverage.  It holds a 4x6 photo of your favorite image.