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Hi.  My name is...

Terry Callahan and I never wanted to start another business.   Ha ha.  I've lived through two recessions and the last one almost did me in.  As an art major graduating in the late 70's, jobs just were not to be found in Asheville, NC.  So I sold lumber and fell in love.  With lumber.  Then I flipped houses and fell in love again.  With decor and design.  Then I sold real estate and realized how furniture and design is key in living spaces.  Over furnishing drives me nuts and things with multiple uses excite me.  

The economic crash in 2008 took me way down but I came back as a registered nurse.   Now I have a "thing" about germs.  I think you can see a pattern now.  Pillows don't belong on a floor and pretty photos should not be thrown in a box.  Put that all together and you have a Secret Shelfie.  My incredibly supportive husband works along side me in our little farm in Kentucky.  Lord willing, we are determined to change the world.  One pillow at a time.

So where has this been?

Never before have we lived so much in the bedroom.  Most American bedrooms have TVs and so many of us end our day resting on piles of pillows as we watch TV or surf on our Ipads or phones.  This lifestyle is not going away and neither are our pillows.  So let's embrace this luxury and give pillows the space they deserve.  Guest bedrooms, air BnBs, vacation rentals all need a disappearing shelf for pillows as well as the beautiful picture frame to accent the decor.

Where to get a Secret Shelfie

The Secret Shelfie is available on as well as a few boutique home decor locations.  I am very local in Kentucky at present and would love to put one in your hands.  I am planning to be at several craft shows as well as home decor events.  I will post events as they come but for now, please contact me at my email or send me a text.  I assure you, I will do everything I can to save your pillows.

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